The decision to begin therapy takes courage - courage to look at one's self - courage to make healthy changes - and courage to trust a therapist to help you grow and heal.

The path to healing is a unique experience for each of us. Healing and authenticity often lie hidden beneath our wounds, and as such, exploring areas of suffering can reveal that which is needed for change and growth. Psychotherapy is a process of inner exploration, that helps strengthen awareness, healing, and personal transformation.  I believe in adapting an approach that is specific to each individual to help foster meaningful development and promote lasting  positive change in their lives.

I offer short-term and long-term individual counselling and psychotherapy for individuals ages 17 and upwards; utilising therapeutic modalities that are backed by clinical research and have substantial evidence-base supporting effectiveness.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please feel free to contact me directly by phone 07401 377064 or email joanneregina@icloud.com.